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     Interested in screenshots that have been taken over the past 8 years of my development life?  Well take a gander at the images to the right and see some of the dev images fly by in just a few minutes.
     These pictures will cover 3D Game Studio, Realm Crafter and Torque time frames.

     I have been working on a mining system for Isle of Polm where players can begin to explore the depths of the earth.  The players of the world would be able to use tools to begin to unearth the ground below them and discover mysterious objects, creatures and items.
     You can get the source code for testing by clicking on the link below.  I am looking for bugs and ideas on how to make it better, more fun and more unique.  Right now, I am literally just showing a basic mining system.  While in the game, get close to the walls and click on on them to begin mining through them.
Download Test Mining System Now
     Almost a year and a half ago I came across this really nice website that covers web programming.  I was looking for some good tutorials that helped me work with my MySQL database for my 3D Game Studio Game, and this was the website that helped me.  Check out if you are ever looking for some extra help with web development or database programming.  This website is a complete solution in my opinion as the author of the site covers HTML, PHP, JavaScript, Perl, SQL, MySQL, and so on.
     I would suggest this website to any new web developer who is interested in getting started with databases and website development.  You will notice that this site here uses a lot of PHP, HTML, JavaScript and MySQL databasing.  If you stumble upon any questions, please let me know and I will try to help you the best I can.